Sunday, June 12, 2011

Forbidden Fruit

One of my vices is women. More importantly women I can't have. I've dealt with this in different ways. But I know when that lust is at its strongest is when said woman appears in my dream...

Last night I had a dream about my bosses wife. I don't know where it came from. I've always found her attractive but I've surpressed my desires for the sake of my life LOL.

Dreams always have strange backgrounds and scenarios. Lets call this women Sandiego. Sandy owned an apartment in my building. Secret spot where she has affairs. That's where we would go.

I said Sandy this is wrong. She said Anthony its OK my husband cheats all the time we have an arrangement. Dream jumped scenes of her arguing with her husband with that weird dream narration.

Fast forward to the apartment scene. She proceeded to put a sock on her hand and offered to perform. I said what's with the sock she just smiled.

Then I woke up? Mind playing tricks on me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Are you a breast man or an ass man?

Back in the day it all started with a face. I was a sucker for a pretty face. I'd date chicks with a flat ass if they were cute.

Over the years I have since "matured". Now I'm all about the ass. Can't stop looking. Ass is like a fine wine if you treat it right. That sip first sip will be devine. Metaphorically speaking of course.

I do however love breasts LOL

Boobs booty and a cute face and you won my heart.

On the go.. booty pic later

The Beginning

Wanted to start this blog as a way to vent about life, relationships, work, women, friends, goals basically whatever randomness goes through my mind. Originally twitter was supposed to be that place. But that eventually became too public filled with people I know. People I work with. People that know me. So too many paper trails. I dont know who'll follow this. Really it doesnt matter. This wont be very public just a "Dear Diary" if you will.

I wont name any names or cater to any specific audience. This is just "me" (me in quotes till I think of a new alias) venting. Here I am writing my first post. Thinking of a topic. Watching some people that depending on the day I really cant stand. And there goes the first bit of honesty. Prada heels glancing over at my screen to make sure I look busy. And thats the first nickname. So lets hashtag it thats what the cool kids do isnt it? #PradaHeels . As an aside I'd like to thank Dream for that reference. Woops #Dream. There we go. ...back sorry. Is she a lesbian? I swear she is!

Closing this intro post with a name to call myself that I just thought of. Anthony B Barnaby. Nice ring to it right? Last question. Now how official should this be? I'll create an email address now. And blogspot, wordpress, hmm. If I do wordpress I'll have to have a paper trail coming back to me...which I DONT WANT TO DO. Blogspot it is. Correction Blogger..keepin it google'ish.


(omg bullshit anthonybarnaby email address taken!)

(Anthonybarnabyblog..kinda sucks)

(anthonybbarnaby it is!)